Hilfreich zu helfen verheisst Dir das Eine
in Streit, in Jammer und jeglicher Not

To help helpfully promises you the one
in quarrels, in sorrow and in every need

With this rune began the Ur-Germanic word FA-TOR, which corresponds to the present-day father and the present-day English word Father. This rune represents the procreation (manifestation) both on the spiritual, as well as on the material level.

The FA rune is the rune of fire; the creative and magical power begotten by the element of fire. The divine pure love that is always creating.

The motto of this rune is: Eternal change. Just as fire is constantly changing, coming and going, this rune is there to enable changes in one's destiny in a short time. It strengthens and promotes one's constancy and helps to persistently defy change.

The root word "fa", which is symbolized by this rune, represents the basic concept of creation. Analogous to the Latin term "facere" (to do, to make, to act, to rule), this rune helps to create things, to let new things come into being. It is a rune that promotes future projects and can dissolve the past.

The FA rune represents the creative cosmos and material possessions. The primordial fire that creates everything and gives rise to the new: Old is transformed. Everything earthly passes and is spiritualized again. Spirit rules over matter! In the first place this rune helps to awaken the good in us, to stimulate it and to be able to look at and analyze any negativity with zen-like serenity.

According to the motto: "Witness your happiness and you will have it!" it can help to strengthen one's own will and especially supports purposeful visualizations. For this purpose I recommend to use this rune directly for meditations; it can be held in both hands, placed on the body or simply placed in front of you.

In it lies the knowledge that the power of creation is primarily based on love. It shows us that we do not have to rely only on ourselves, but that we are a part of the whole and therefore also have the right to abundance and well-being. We simply need to remember this again.

Application in the field of Feng Shui:

For this purpose, this rune can be used in the sectors in which a materialization of desired energies is desired. Many people think that it must be primarily about the subject of luck, blessing or wealth. With clear certainty, however, I can assume that often other circumstances "must" be clarified in order to promote stable foundations: for example, an intact family life, health or even conscious spirituality. However, it is generally one of the runes that can be well integrated into all nine sectors.

Extremely interesting in interaction with the following trigrams: XUN – LI – KUN – DUI – KANN

Application in the field of "personal well-being":

>• strengthens the own will
>• helps to become more independent
>• promotes "free will
>• extremely helpful in case of illness, pain and worries

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