Ein Fünfzehntes zähl ich, was Volkrast der Zwerg sang vor den Toren des Tags
den Asen zur Stärkung, den Alben zur Kraft, mir selber die Sinne zu klären

A fifteenth I count, what Volkrast the dwarf sang before the gates of the day
to the Aesir for strength, to the Alb for power, to clear my senses myself

Man, mon, man, moon (ma=mother, multiply, empty or dead)

In another sense, than in that of the known fairy tale, the "man in the moon" is revealed in the fifteenth rune as the sanctified sign of the procreation of the human sex. The primal word "ma" is the sign for the female procreation (the "mother" like the primal word "fa" is that of the male one. Since here "mater" (mother", like there "fator" (father).

The moon is considered mythical-mystical as the magic ring Draupnir (Träufler), from which every ninth night an equally heavy one drips (excretes) and which was burned with Balder; i.e. with Balder Nanna, the mother of his children was burned at the same time.

According to mythical-mystical rule, however, nights always mean months, and above "nine nights" designate the time of the pregnancy. But as the terms for man, girl, mother, consort, consorting, marrying, menstruation etc. etc. are rooted in the primeval word "ma", just as the term "moon", with which they all stand in intimate conceptual connection, nevertheless single terms, but join together again to the apparent unity according to the principle of the "many-united/many-split multiplicities", so the term word for this apparent unity is also rooted in the primeval word "ma" and is "man-ask" or "men-isk"; namely: man.

Therefore -as a unifying term- the word "man" is only unisexual (the term "the human being" does not exist), while the contemptuous term as a neuter belongs to the third level, to which will be referred to later... The fifteenth rune thus embraces the exoteric as well as the esoteric concept of the high mystery of manhood and culminates in the admonition: "Be man!

I am MAN. The rune of the resurrected one, the awakener and God-man. Through me you will experience the multiplication through living runic streams of the universe. J.W. * Man. Clarifying spirit. Symbol of man crucified to matter.

Rune of the higher magic, the breath, the awakened, effective, positive man. The inner sensation already points the way to spiritualization, to conscious entry into the astral plane. Greatest effect at full moon. The negative should be reversed, so that it becomes our salvation. This rune symbolizes the person who draws down "Mana" to himself with raised arms, in order to strengthen all spiritual and physical forces in himself.

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