Ein Sechzehntes sprech' ich bei spröder Maid
Mir Gunst und Glück zu erlangen;
Das wandelt und wendet mir Wunsch und Sinn
Der schwanenarmigen Schönen

A sixteenth I speak to a brittle maiden
To gain my favor and happiness;
That changes and turns my mind and desire
Of the swan-armed beauty

Yr, eur, iris, bow, rainbow, yew bow, mad, wrath

The "Yr-Rune" is the reversed "Man-Rune" and since it designates the bow, it represents the rising and waning moon in contrast to the full moon of the "Man-Rune", thus it refers primarily to the changeability of the moon, and secondarily as the "Irr-Rune" to the moonlike changeability of the female being, which is described in later verses of the "Hâpamâl" (Rules of Life) as follows:

Do not trust the maiden in the trustworthy place,
Do not trust the woman's dreamy word,
Her heart was created on a swinging wheel,
Wankelmuts dwelling is female Wât.

The "Yr-rune" or "Irr-rune", which creates confusion, in play, in drunkenness (intoxication) or by false reason in speech (sophistry) or whatever other cause, well defeats resistance by confusion, but the success of such a victory won is an equally erroneous one, as the victory itself, for it brings wrath, raging fury and at last madness. The "Yr" or "err-rune" is therefore also in contrast to the "Os-rune", because it wants to force the defeat of the opponent with false reasons instead of real reasons. That's why it teaches: "Consider the end!".

I am YR, I open all hearts and transform aversion into affection. I help you to control your instinct life, by overcoming deception through matter.

J.W. * Error, reversal, negation, all negative qualities. Matter, chaos, but also iris, therefore all lunar, feminine. Opposite of the Man rune. But with it it unites to the Hagall rune; the perfection. Greatest effect at new moon, smallest at full moon. Emphasis on the negative, which is recognized by this and so clearly points out to the person in which direction he has to work especially on himselfl Do not use as talisman!

H.R. * Maya, deception.

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