For a long time now, however, we have been influenced not only indirectly via content and manifestations, but directly and with fixed intent. Wherever screens are installed, subliminal messages can be sent along. As their name suggests, they are addressed only to our non-conscious realms.

On May 13, 1988, the newspaper "Le Quotidien de Paris" published a report by the media specialist Jean Montaldo, who had discovered that during the election campaign for the office of president, the French TV audience had been presented with a sequence of ten pictures of the incumbent president Mitterrand three times a day for months before the news.

And this was imperceptibly superimposed on the opening credits of the state broadcaster Antenne 2. The later proof was achieved with the help of a video recorder, which shows the individual pictures as still images on request. In total, the series of images is said to have been broadcast 2949 times. Not bad ...

The producer apologized afterwards, "I just wanted to make the opening credits current." And the editor in charge declared it all a "joke." Mitterrand's election was never contested. Logical ....

The American researcher Hal C. Becker was the first to develop an apparatus by means of which he could modulate short sentences as messages to the subconscious of an audible music in such a way that they reached the ear but could not be heard by the conscious mind.

A supermarket in New Orleans then made the test. The constantly running background music was provided with the sentences "I don't steal" (referring to shoplifters) and "I'm honest" (cashiers). The tape ran for six months. The cash register shortage had dropped from $125 a week to $10 during that time, a 92% decrease. Shoplifting losses decreased by 75%, even though the (potential) shoplifters had been exposed to subliminal messages for a much shorter time than the cashiers who were there all the time.

On behalf of a supermarket chain that suffered from high staff turnover, the employees of two stores were bombarded for eleven months with slogans such as: "I am careful, I am important, We are a team". As a result, staff turnover at these two stores dropped by half, while it remained high at the other sixty stores.

Here still briefly a quotation from the advertising brochure of the company Gantec: The purpose of this novel recording technique is to use a suitable musical background to create a pipeline, so to speak, into the subconscious mind that provides all listeners with meaningful stimuli.