Television has turned us into passive consumers. The daily dose of entertainment has long since become a 'human right'. The television is regarded as a basic human need to such an extent that not even the debt collector is allowed to seize it.

In a Swiss television experiment, young TV employees offered randomly selected elderly people not 1,000, but 100,000 francs cash on the nail if they were allowed to take their television set with them, and if they undertook to live a year without TV ... and guess: None of the modestly living seniors agreed to the deal!

The German media researcher Jo Groebel counted 2,745 violent scenes in one week; strung together, this amounts to 25 hours of pure violence.

It was determined that an American teenager at the age of 16 has already 'had it' with 16,000 murders. Director Oliver Stone reached a new peak with his cynically brutal media account "NBK": In the two-hour feature film, 52 (fifty and two) people are murdered!

Practically all educators who deal with this matter are convinced that at least every tenth violent crime committed by young people is due to the media. Let's not even talk about "computer games" ...

The light food, which our eyes receive from the television, resembles a "fast food food"'. It moves in the narrow frequency ranges of red, blue and green.

That one-sided light irradiation has serious effects on the functioning of organisms has been proven several times.

In humans, moreover, psychological changes, altered rotation speed of the chakras and an irritation or exhaustion of the subtle bodies were shown.

Dr. Benjamin Feingold found that TV light radiation resonates with artificial dyes in foods that are responsible for hyperactivity in children and allergic reactions.

So you put a "hyperactivity-prone" child who has been eating foods with phosphates in front of the TV: an outbreak of hyperactivity is likely because the TV radiation enhances the effect of the phosphates in the body. Mmmmh ...

The late researcher Erich Körbler also made a discovery which he called 'monstrous':

"Simultaneously with the visible action of a harmless television play, there could take place invisibly, but very effectively on the organism of the spectator, the transmission of the homeopathic information of a cancerous disease!"

Dr. Körbler determined in tests that if the TV commentator holds a cigarette in his hand, which is not visible on the screen, the immune defense of the viewers is instantly weakened. If the TV presenter holds an apple in his hands not visible for us, we are practically not affected. This information was determined by means of kinesiological muscle testing.

If the image information received via the optic nerve is weakening, the test person will not be able to withstand the inflicted pressure of the muscle test, despite exerting all his or her strength. The tested muscle, whether this is an arm, hand or leg muscle, indicates the weakness and gives way.

"But it gets even worse", expressed Dr. Körbler already in 1992 in an article in the journal "Raum und Zeit" "In further tests we refrained from "hiding" an object in the left hand. The subject, with a smiling face, thought of a word that tended to have a negative and weakening meaning. The effect was the same !

In all seminar participants who sat in front of the screen, the immune power was lowered. Dr. Körbler stated that he and other persons also affect the physical condition of the TV viewers via screen with their thoughts!"