This feedback reached me towards the end of autumn 2007. On the occasion of a conference I held in the Zug area (Switzerland), a banker contacted me. He was impressed by the statements and would like to test a few products.

A good two months later he contacted me again and told me that he had installed the two MOTAC Feng Shui roundels in his van without informing his wife and his two children. After about 4 weeks he asked his wife during a drive if she had noticed anything during the last weeks. She looked at him in amazement and denied his question.

Didn't she notice that the two children didn't complain at all during the trips and were "really well-behaved and decent"? She was apparently quite surprised to hear that this was true. She then leaned back and tried to figure out the cause.

Although his wife did not believe in such things, he told me on the phone, this fact kept her busy for a long time. He had deliberately refrained from telling her the truth until today. A few weeks later he told me that his wife had been initiated in the meantime and was now smiling about this story ;-)

>• Feedback * Taxi driver
>• Feedback * Bank Branch Manager
>• Feedback * Interior architect

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