Here I reproduce a reference from 1998 that was also instructive for me: Shortly after the introduction of the newly revised MOTAC series, I was visited in the summer by a dynamic early retiree who had bought a rustico (old stone house) in the canton of Ticino (southern Switzerland) the previous spring.

Pointing to an Excel list with several items, he informed me with a smile; "I would love to buy all of these items from you!"

Then during the consultation it turned out that he had installed a MOTAC Electro Rondelle and the MOTAC Feng Shui Set in his car about two months ago. His narrative amazed me, because up to that point, I had never received such detailed and gratifying feedback in connection with these newly developed products.

"For five months now, I have been driving from my home to Ticino every weekend. The journey takes a good two and a half hours, depending on the traffic. When I arrive at my rustico in the evening, I take a shower and immediately fall into a deep sleep. Now it is so that the last times after the shower I jumped into the feathers as usual, but without being able to fall asleep. I then got up again and did minor indoor work each time."

When I asked him how that happened, he replied, "Because of these two tachyon products! I am absolutely sure. Since I put them in the car, I feel like a million bucks even after long trips. "And," he continued, "if these little silicon rondelles have such an effect, I am convinced that their other products are certainly in no way inferior to it!"

>• Feedback * Taxi driver
>• Feedback * Bank Branch Manager
>• Feedback * Interior architect

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