On behalf of all cab drivers who have purchased MOTAC Feng Shui Rondells from me, I would like to reproduce the statements of a student who earns an extra income for his biology studies as a cab driver for night shifts in Zurich.

"What I noticed immediately after attaching the two rondolls was that - despite the daily stress - within a short time I am significantly less stressed when driving."

As you can imagine, I often drive very unusual people back and forth during the night. Initially, I had tried to create a more relaxed ambiance with essential fragrances, but had to realize relatively quickly that not all guests reacted in the same way.

So when I heard about the BIOTAC products through my uncle, I thought, "If it doesn't help, it won't hurt!" Since I am always on the road with different vehicles, I fixed the small glass roundels in each case with a Scotch, so that they can be easily detached again afterwards.

I was all the more surprised when I realized that the effect was primarily noticed by my clientele, and primarily on longer trips. I keep hearing from the more talkative passengers that they somehow feel comfortable in "my" cab. Based on these personal experiences, I then decided relatively quickly to integrate two roundels into my old VW Golf.

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>• Feedback * Interior architect

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