The proposed solution that I present to my clientele in each case consists of two steps:

A) Repolarization of the electromagnetic fields
B) Influencing the heat transfer fluid

To repolarize the electromagnetic fields of the control unit, we have been using tachyonized SiTAC*CARDs since the beginning of our activities in 1995/1996.

The white SiTAC*CARD in A5 format is attached directly to the fuse panel for this purpose.

In order to influence the heat transfer fluid used in the floor heating system, it is advisable to attach a GEOTAC*CARD in A5 format to the manifolds.

If you have enough free space (approx. 60cm length) on the manifold, an AQUAFLOW - ribbon can also be wrapped there.

Even if these solutions may be considered unusual, the amazing and immediately noticeable results convince all users in a very short time!

So be confident and let yourself be positively surprised by the effect of these products (which have been available on the market for a good 25 years).