I am convinced that ALL physical problems have emotional causes. Logically, we need "emotional medication" to heal such illnesses. The wonderful successes that Bach flower essences bring me give me great pleasure. On request, I can test (via radiesthesia or kinesiology) the best Bach flower essence for you in order to harmonize the cause of your problem.

Whether it's hair loss, anxiety, phobias, allergies, pain or unhappiness, for example, I am 99% confident that one of the 38 Bach Flower Essences can help alleviate the problem ... or even harmonize it completely.

Since I am convinced that energies flow freely, it is possible to test Bach Flower Essences and other remedies at a distance. Customers who live up to 5000km away from me are always able to "enjoy" this and are happy to confirm my statement.

As the quality of Bach flower essences is my top priority, I have been using only hand-made Bach flower essences from the Swiss company Odinelixir since the summer of 1990.

CHF 50.00 for a mini séance (approx. 20 minutes)

CHF 140.00 for an in-depth consultation (approx. 60-80 minutes)

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