In the summer of 1985, when I personally experienced the fantastic possibilities offered by Kinesiology, the Universe handed me a key that allowed me to open a door; a door that opens onto a path ... a path that I am still on ;-)

After a more or less serious motorcycle accident (I was driving too fast) I limped along like this. Tiresome, because as a Kyokushinkai Karateka I was used to other things. A perceived eternity later (a good three years after the accident and after many treatments), a client turned my attention to kinesiology ... and, three séances later, I was no longer limping and the pain was virtually at zero. Wow, what is this ? Kinesiology ? I wanted to know more about it ... and I started the training in August 1996. Since that day, one of my main mottoes is: "Search the cause of the current problem and try to treat and transform it with selected "remedies".

My main services and consultations (German, French, English, Italian and Schwiizerdütsch) are divided into the following areas:

>• Feng Shui consultations
>• Geobiological analyses and harmonizations
>• Health and well-being consultations

The desire to live a life in harmony and health may be comparable to the "biological knowledge" of the caterpillar: somehow it "knows" that its life has another meaning than to crawl around constantly on leaves and branches. Through the later metamorphosis, it finally succeeds in an astonishing transformation: new perspectives emerge.

Admittedly, I use for my consultations, in addition to theoretical-intellectual basic knowledge, primarily techniques that are based on natural laws and therefore may seem unusual at first glance. My favorite discipline is radiesthesia ...

>• Feng Shui
>• Geobiology
>• Radiesthesia
>• Cartomancie
>• Numerology

... accompanied by a common sense and empathy.

My favorite means of offering help are:

>• Aura-Soma •<
(alchemical and holistic essences, which combine the healing energies of colors, plants and crystals).

>• BioGenesis •<
(crystal energy full of light from Hawaii)

>• Bachflower essences •<
(Remedies that heal ... made with plants and flowers).

>• Tachyons •<
(energetic objects that have a relation to quantum energy).