Numerology serves -among other things- to know oneself better: be it in relation to one's profession, one's vocation and in relation to health issues.

On a personal level, one can use numbers to:

>• recognize one's talents and strengths
>• learn more about one's health
>• determine the best time for plans and projects
>• better assess whether a potential partner is a good match for you
>• manage your career
>• to create a harmonious partnership

... and to gain greater clarity about oneself and one's life themes and meaning.

In business, numerology can be used to:

>• assess the development of a company
>• determine whether the applicant is suitable for the vacant position
>• crystallize the best name for a product
>• calculate the most optimal launch date
>• put teams together in the best possible way and settle conflicts in teams
>• find the optimal name for a company

... and of course also to optimize the course of business.

The date of birth serves as a basis, as it does in astrology. If you, your partner or one of your children is born on a 5, 14 or 23 for example; don't be surprised if he or the other person loves to communicate with other people, loves to travel (physically and mentally), has an amazing intellectual grasp and a strong urge for freedom. Therefore, please do not try to "lock up" such a person ;-)

A serious numerological analysis helps to discover and "expose" your own potentials. It can also help to rewrite questions related to the past, present and future.

Since my earliest childhood, numbers have held a great fascination. It is therefore not surprising that I love to incorporate numerology into my consultations ;-)

CHF 50,00 short consultation (approx. 20 minutes)
CHF 140,00 for a detailed consultation
CHF 140,00 for remote diagnosis

To make it a little easier to get started with numerology, I'll share some info about the meaning of the numbers 1 through 9, followed by information such as: promoting colors, lucky stones, health predispositions, famous personalities, medicinal plants, astrological assignments, as well as the tarot card associated with each number.

In the second section, I transmit information about the cycle of the "Nine Cycles"; information that, in my opinion, is as important as the rising of the sun and the presence of the moon. Like everything in the universe, our life is also exposed to various cycles.

In order to better understand the personal situation and to be able to plan the future optimally, already centuries ago - if not millennia - by means of the number theory and the astrology, as well as the Chiromantie the person was analyzed as a whole.

To know which cycle you are currently in, please use the following "calculation": Add the numbers of your birthday, your birth month and the current year. For someone who saw the light of day on 02/28/1974, the addition in 2018 is:

2+8+0+2+2+0+1+8 = 23 ... The sum is added again: 2+3 = 5.

In this case, it means that this person is in cycle 5 from 28.2.2018 and will deal with the main theme "Freedom & Discipline". The nine-year cycles correspond to the natural course of life: as it has been the case in nature since time immemorial.

>• Meaning of the number 1

>• Meaning of the number 1
>• Meaning of the number 2
>• Meaning of the number 3
>• Meaning of the number 4
>• Meaning of the number 5
>• Meaning of the number 6
>• Meaning of the number 7
>• Meaning of the number 8
>• Meaning of the number 9

>• Yearly cycle -1-
>• Yearly cycle -2-
>• Yearly cycle -3-
>• Yearly cycle -4-
>• Yearly cycle -5-
>• Yearly cycle -6-
>• Yearly cycle -7-
>• Yearly cycle -8-
>• Yearly cycle -9-