The number 2 is symbolically assigned to the moon. The "twos" people generally harmonize well with "ones" because the correspondence meanings of the Sun (number 1) and the Moon complement each other and precisely because they represent opposites in some senses.

"Twos" are by nature rather gentle and tender-hearted. They have a lively imagination, are artistically gifted, idealistic and romantic, but also, like the "Ones", not without senses and aptitude for technology, science and inventiveness. "Twos" are generally less physically strong and hardy than "Ones," but are able to make up for this fact by a genuine effort at patience and perseverance.

To the number 2 belong in the number-magical sense all those humans, who are born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of each month. Particularly pronounced appear the "two"-characteristics with those, who are born on named days between the 20th of June to the 29th of July. In this period of the year, the symbolic lunar effect is predominant.

The above days are also most conducive for the "twos" to carry out important plans, and again the period from June 20 to July 29 at the latest is considered particularly favorable. The most favorable days of the week for this group of people are considered to be Sunday, Monday and Friday. If these weekdays again fall on a date corresponding to the "twos" (i.e., the 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 29th of a month), they can be used as particularly conducive.

Negative sides of the "twos," which should be combated as a disposition, consist in the lack of perseverance, which can be remedied by a sincere effort to persevere, and in the tendency to melancholy and hypersensitivity; especially when they are with people who are not of their kind.

Promotional colors

Particularly conducive colors for the "two" are considered to be all shades of green, as well as light yellow, cream and white. You should avoid dark shades, especially black and dark red.

Fortune stones

The lucky stones for this group are the moonstone, the jade nephrite, a piece of which can be worn on the body as a talisman, and all stones of greenish, or pale green coloration. Finally, the real pearl as a precious natural jewel is also a beneficial piece of jewelry.

Famous personalities

Ernst Barlach, Pope Pius XII, Friedrich Hölderlin, Hans Christian Andersen, Hirohito, Novalis, Bing Crosby, Richard Strauss, Robert Schuman, Hermann Hesse, Max Liebermann, Maurice Maeterlinck, Carl Zeiss, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Graham Green, Peter Bamm, Solma Lagerlöf, Robert Koch, Harald Kreutzberg

Health predispositions

Those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of a month are in the majority prone to internal diseases and digestive disorders. Intestinal and gastric disorders, ulcers, tumors and susceptibilities of the entire metabolic system are particularly common in "twos". Preventive examinations in all these sectors are therefore advisable, especially if any of the listed symptoms should become noticeable.

Specific medicinal herbs

Chicory, cucumber, kohlrabi, all cabbage, lettuce, flaxseed, melon, canola, water plantain and the charcoal of willow or black poplar.

Astrological assignment

The moon symbolizes the unconscious and our feminine side, but it also stands for children, for the relationship between mother and child, and for the inner child that every human being has within him or her throughout life. Since the moon has to do with deep instinctive impulses, such as the need for protection and security, it can also, in the case of difficult

difficult positions, it can also point to early childhood traumatic experiences in these areas. On the physical level, the Moon is related to the stomach and digestion, and also the emotional digestion of traumatic experiences (or possibly to their repression into the subconscious). Correspondences of the planet Moon are the sign Cancer and the 4th house.

Tarot * The High Priestess
Passivity, subconscious, mystery

She has the crescent moon at her feet, a tiara with three phases of the moon on her head and a large cross on her chest. The scroll in her hand is inscribed with the word Torah. This points to the high, the secret law. It is partially covered by her cloak. This indicates that some things are hints others are spoken facts.

It sits between the black and white pillars of King Solomon's Temple: J and B stands for Jachin and Boaz. These are the Kabbalistic symbol for humanity. She is a high priestess of the Church of Mysteries and represents the supernatural mother.

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