The number 4 is symbolically assigned to Uranus and the zodiac sign Aquarius, which in turn has a relationship to the Sun (number 1) in occult number theory. Fours tend to have idiosyncratic world views and judge some things from the emphatically opposite point of view.

"Foursomes" want to revolutionize, both in a positive sense as life reformers, as technicians and humanists, as social and religious innovators, and in a negative sense occasionally as anarchists, as nonconformists out of "passion", as fighters against any authority and as extreme individualists, wherein, of course, again lies a positive aspect, if they are peculiar artistic natures, which one often finds among this group. In any case, the "foursome" does not make it easy for himself and others: he is more of a brooding and problematic person in the human community and, on the other hand, is also characterized by a certain verve and quick-witted wit.

"Fours" are those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of a month. The qualities associated with this number are particularly pronounced when one of the above birthdays falls on the periods from June 22 to July 22 and from July 22 to August 31 at the latest.

These days are also the most favorable for special projects of the "fours", because the chance of the good success of some' plans is now the greatest. Again, the two periods mentioned above should be particularly favored. The favorable days of the week for "fours" are Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This is especially true if one of these weekdays falls on dates of the number 4, i.e. on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st day of the week.

Promotional colors

Favourable colors for the "foursome" are all half shades, transitional colors and the iridescent, shiny, silvery, but also gray or gray-silvery shades. For many "fours", however, a clear, bright blue is also recommended as a favoring color. The decisive factor here is, of course, always the personal inclination towards one of the color shades mentioned.

Fortune stones

As a lucky stone for this group we have primarily the sapphire in all shades, which should also be preferably carried with you. But also all those stones come into question which belong to the color groups designated as favorable for the "foursome".

Also the onyx would come into question, namely for the too effervescent "four" types, while in rarer cases also the noble opal could work as a lucky stone as well as by the way also most semi-precious stones.

Famous personalities

Sir Isaac Newton, August Strindberg, Charles Lindbergh, Prince Talleyrand, Frédéric Chopin, George Washington, Wilhelm von Siemens, Immanuel Kant, Lenin, Empress Maria Theresa, Richard Wagner, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Wilhelm von Humboldt, Louis Armstrong, Julius Caesar, Alfred Hitchcock, Abdul Hamid, Franz Liszt, Charles de Gaulle, Rainer Maria Rilke, Henri Matisse

Health predispositions

Those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of a month very often suffer from ailments whose diagnosis is relatively difficult. Melancholy, mood disorders, pallor, headache and backache, as well as diseases of the metabolic organs (especially bladder and kidney) are more frequent than average. Preventive examinations in all these sectors are therefore advisable, especially if any of the listed symptoms should become noticeable.

If "Four" people suffer from the above symptoms, they should try to avoid raw meat, spirits, strong spices, tobacco and narcotic drugs or medicines.

Tend to respond very well to "magnetic" as well as "hypnotic" treatments; such as radionics, bio-resonance and irradiations with bio-light as well as energetic products that I personally have been working with for many years (Aura-Soma, BioGenesis, Bach Flowers, Tachyons). Crystals and gemstone therapies also show amazingly good results from experience.

Specific medicinal herbs

Iceland moss, medlars, sage, celandine, spinach,
white root and wintergreen.

Astrological assignment

Jupiter and Saturn are also called social planets, the ones listed before are the personal planets. Saturn is the last planet still visible. Uranus is no longer visible to the naked eye and is the first of the three super-personal planets. These planets move so slowly that they are more or less in the same place for whole generations of people.

Therefore their influence cannot be interpreted directly and individually, but only indirectly in interaction with the faster personal planets. Uranus is the joker and the revolutionary among the planets. It is unpredictable, it is full of surprises that are not always pleasant. Uranus symbolizes events occurring at lightning speed and without notice.

Sometimes such interruptions to the daily grind are very beneficial. Sometimes they are devastating. Uranus in certain constellations can stand for abrupt separations, also for deaths, for accidents and things that strike us like a bolt from the blue. A very recent expression of Uranus/Mercury is the Internet. The ability to send messages around the world in a split second, now open to everyone, has revolutionized how people communicate and think. A more mundane and everyday expression is the short circuit in electrical systems. Those who experience such things often should have the electrician check their system and the astrologer check their Uranus.

Correspondences of the planet Uranus are the sign Aquarius and the 11th house.

Tarot * The Emperor
Fatherhood, structure, authority

He sits on a throne adorned with four rams. These symbolize the corresponding sign of the zodiac over which Mars rules - the male power. He holds a scepter and you can see rocks in the background, indicating grounding and solid ground under his feet. He symbolizes the top of the worldly hierarchy, the final, male ego.

The absolute ruler over the world. The emperor represents the masculine principle of the earthly father. Apart from that, his symbolism points to the apparent stability, which gives great comfort, self-esteem and energy.

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