In our shop, situated in downtown Vevey, only a few meters away from the idyllic lakeside promenade of Lake Geneva, you will find an interesting range of high quality products.

The vehicle-free zone of downtown Vevey incites to stroll around in a relaxing way.

All the Restaurants and Bistros offers the opportunity to assuage one's thirst and hunger with regional and international specialties. Our shop is situated in close vicinity to the market place with more than 400 parking lots: twice a week (Tuesday & Saturday) delicacies from the region are offered by various farmers.

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In our lucid and friendly arranged shop you will find high class products for your personal well-being: Aura-Soma, Farfalla, Tachyons, Bach Flowers, Wind Chimes, products for vitalizing tap-water, products for e-smog protection, Feng Shui articles .... and much more. All those and more articles are also available through our WEB-Shop.

All your purchases can be paid in a safe and convenient way: we do accept all major credit cards: Postcard, Maestro, Visa, Master Card and American Express.