Herbal toothpaste with 24 ayurvedic plant extracts
perfectly groomed teeth * long lasting freshness

Auromère® herbal toothpaste is a composition of 24 valuable Ayurvedic plant extracts. Fine cleaning particles gently clean the teeth and gently remove harmful plaque. Extracts of neem tree, clove oil and licorice counteract plaque and caries-causing bacteria. Chinese date, yellowwood, rose apple and baleria strengthen and soothe the gums.

Auromère® herbal toothpaste is the ideal dental care for the whole family ... and can also be used by children without any problems.

The very pleasant and unique taste is provided by thyme, mint and Ceylon cinnamon.

Contains no unnecessary fillers such as volume-forming foaming agents and is therefore very economical and economical. Free from surfactants and added fluorides.

Fluorine, fluorides and their toxicity

Fluorine is a highly reactive and very toxic gas. Even in the smallest quantities, it has an extremely toxic effect. However, toothpaste and fluoridated salt do not contain fluorine, but fluoride. Although fluorides are not as toxic as fluorine, they are still toxic - depending on the dose. The warning labels on some toothpastes alone do not bode well.

Nor does it do any harm to recall the suffering of the many millions of Chinese and Indians who fell ill with bone disease because they regularly consumed fluoride-rich water (approx. 1 - 4 mg fluoride per liter). Bone fluorosis develops when such high amounts of fluoride are consumed. Although the bones have a wonderfully high bone density, they are so hardened and dense that they lose their natural elasticity, whereupon they become increasingly brittle. In extreme cases, in the course of bone fluorosis, the joints and the spine also stiffen.

Due to their resounding toxicity, fluorides were used for a long time as rat poison and as a component of pesticides.

* * *

Enough, enough ! I do not want to publish further information here. If you are really interested in the topic of fluoride, you will find enough information in the Wörld-Waid-Wäb. What I have published here is really only the tip of the iceberg.

And when I think that I was forced (as an innocent child) in the first years of school to swallow fluorine tablets regularly ... and was controlled whether I really swallowed them ... mmmh, miserable assholes !!!

Sorry, but it had to get out ...

How you can eliminate "toxins" from your body yourself, I have described in this section.

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