The more and more frequent stressful influences of our environment, our food, electro smog as well as all kinds of stress have a disturbing effect on our vital energy: this results in disharmonies of all kinds, which in turn can trigger various diseases.

In the philosophy of the Asian countries the harmonious energy flow of the CHI is in the center; this millennia-old wisdom assumes that not the elimination of symptoms is the right form of therapy, but the build-up and harmonization of Yin & Yang.

Yin-Yang vital patches help to bring the energy circulation back into flow during sleep. Their ease of use and harmlessness speak for their application; they can be used even for small children and pregnant women.

The main feature of these patches is that they have the extraordinary ability to flush out the substances that are unnecessary and burdensome for the CHI. Yin-Yang Vital patches balance the "Five Element System" through the energy ports of the person: the soles of the feet!

Mode of action / cure

Already after the first application the Yin-Yang Vital patches show their amazing effect. It is not uncommon for the patches to turn black/brown and become slimy and watery after the first few applications. The more unbalanced the acid-base balance, the more moisture is produced.

The 30 day cure (practiced in Japan for decades) helps detoxify the body, release energy imbalances and allow the life energy (CHI) to flow more optimally.

1st night: Before sleep, stick the patches on the center of the soles of the feet. The next morning, remove the patches and wash the feet thoroughly with a pH neutral soap.

2nd night: Before sleep, apply the patches to the ball of the foot. The next morning, remove the patches and wash the feet thoroughly with a pH neutral soap.

3rd night: before sleep, stick the patches on the heels. The next morning, remove the patches and wash the feet thoroughly with a pH neutral soap.

Repeat this procedure for 30 days or nights and do not forget to drink enough water (min. 2 à 3 liters per day). The sole of the foot is so important because the reflex points on it and in it are a complete mirror of the human body.

Ingredients: each patch contains a proven combination of plants and vital substances tested over 40 years:

Bamboo Vinegar: Young bamboo shoots contain high levels of silica (up to 77%). Silicic acid, gently extracted from bamboo, strengthens connective tissue and is said to bind anti-inflammatory substances, thus making skin blemishes such as pimples and redness disappear. Silicic acid is said to have a stabilizing effect on bones, joints, intervertebral discs, spine and supporting apparatus. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) bamboo is used against nervousness, bleeding, hemorrhoids, fever, bronchitis, back pain, sciatica, lumbago, osteoporosis, damaged intervertebral discs, arthritis, hemostasis, asthma and much more.

Tourmaline is a pyroelectric crystal (ionic crystal with permanent electric polarization. If you heat it or cool it, the opposite faces become electrically charged in opposite directions. Tourmaline is said to have a strong effect on the energy flow of the body.

Tree vinegar comes from selected trees. It is extracted from the resin in a gentle process. Just as a tree is able to absorb nutrients from the soil and filter out the toxins present, these properties are attributed to tree vinegar. This property makes tree vinegar a unique agent that is used with great success in China to treat diseases.

Plant powder is made from several plants that are suitable for each other. In Asian countries, numerous plants are used against a variety of diseases.

Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant effect. Detoxification processes in the liver need vitamin C. To stimulate metabolism, the thyroid gland needs vitamin C. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system.

Corn starch: Rich in carbohydrates, corn starch provides the body with energy.

* * *

Yin-Yang vital patches regenerate and harmonize the body's vital forces, promoting personal well-being. The body absorbs the necessary nutrients from the bamboo patches. The latter draw toxins out of the body through the acupuncture points on the sole of the foot. In this way, the patches provide the body with vital energy (CHI).

Yin-Yang bamboo patches are natural, 100% free of synthetic chemicals and harmful preservatives !


Before using the vital patches, the areas to be covered should be cleaned with lukewarm water and dried well.

Then, just before going to bed, they are stuck on the soles of the feet or on other places intended for application (e.g. kidney, liver, stomach, etc.). To increase the general well-being, it is generally enough to stick them on the middle of each sole of the foot.

In order for the vital substances contained in the patch to unfold, a sufficiently long period of rest is advisable. 8 hours of sleep would be optimal.

* * *

The ideal application time is 10-15 nights at a stretch. After this phase is completed, it is advantageous to apply the vital patches once or twice a month (as it has been practiced in Japan and China for decades). In these countries, the patches are used as a cure at the beginning of the four seasons.

Count on it: these bamboo patches are an investment worth making! PS: A physical purification with exercise and a healthy diet support the process.

The Yin-Yang vital patches

>• delay the aging of the skin
>• flush out toxic substances
>• revitalize and energize the body
>• promote inner and outer beauty ;-)
>• stimulate and harmonize the well-being
>• activate the meridians and acupuncture points

To date, no side effects are known. Use only on healthy / dry skin !

The constant control of ingredients, storage and transport conditions guarantee top quality. An exceptional product, recommended since its introduction with the best knowledge and conscience of very many satisfied people, therapists and doctors !

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