The Koshi's are extremely original sound objects, which are characterized by an exceptional quality.

Made in our atelier at the foot of the French Pyrenees, each Koshi represents the fruit of a refined art of craftsmanship. Eight strings of various lengths are soldered with real silver into the metal disc at the bottom of the cylindrical soundbox.

The extremely precise tuning produces a harmonious play of pure tones and overtones.

In choosing the four melodies, we have been inspired by the four elements. These are well known in Chinese medicine, in Feng Shui as well as in astrology.

♪♫ Carillon KOSHI * AQUA
♪♫ Carillon KOSHI * ARIA
♪♫ Carillon KOSHI * IGNIS
♪♫ Carillon KOSHI * TERRA

With its resonating body made of bamboo wood, known for centuries for its acoustic quality, each Koshi sounds fuller and harmonically rounder and richer than its predecessor.

First and foremost, it is a musical instrument; its design and elegant shape, discreet and natural, makes it an object that finds its place everywhere. Each Koshi is individually made in our studio. The bamboo veneer is treated with natural oils.

The diameter of the cylinder is 63mm, the length is 16.5 cm.

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