I have been offering tachyon products for water revitalization since 1995. Today, almost 30 years later, the realization that vitalized water has subtle qualities that are crucial for well-being and health is finally gaining ground.

Can water sense ?

The following pictures show water crystals (photographed in June 2004 using the method developed by Dr. Masaru Emoto) that were created after a cell phone was attached to a glass filled with water in stand-by mode for 20 minutes.I leave it to your imagination to interpret the pictures.

Can you imagine that electromagnetic fields have a similar effect on the water molecules in your body ... and not just on the head area when you talk on your smartphone?

The following images show water crystals that were created after a GOLD*CHIP was attached to the same cell phone. These water crystals feature hexagonal crystal structures that can only be found in water samples from clear and natural sources!

The comment from the specialist laboratory also fits in with this: "We never thought that such crystals could form, we are really very amazed."

Let's go back to the topic of water revitalization: In the following sections, I present three inexpensive and extremely effective tachyon products that are unique in the world in terms of their effects.

The evaluations of the large-scale study conducted by the Hagalis AG research laboratory in 2005, in which over 300 systems for revitalizing drinking water were tested over a long period (1994 - 2005), showed that the AQUIVATOR and the AQUAFLOW system achieved top marks in terms of quality - efficiency - price - economy. I have published the results achieved with our products below.

The 40 best and therefore recommendable devices as well as the results of the tests are clearly presented in this book. "Devices for water revitalization" * ISBN-10: 3038003107

Treat yourself (and your family ... or your employees) to our inexpensive and award-winning products and turn your water into a source of wellness!

>• AQUIVATOR : Water revitalization for kitchen & bathroom

>• AQUAJET : Vitalizing the water in the shower

>• AQUAFLOW : Vitalization of the water for the whole house