Gold has represented splendor, wealth, abundance and also wisdom since time immemorial. On a physical level, the color "gold" is associated with the small and large intestine, the nerves and also the skin. The region around the small and large intestine, located between the coccyx and solar plexus, is also the region of fear, the seat of anxiety. The queasy feeling of anxiety is not found in the head, but around the navel. Also the so-called butterflies do not cavort in the head, but in the abdomen.

Gold helps to awaken dormant talents and abilities and make them visible to the outside world.

The skin represents the contact to the outside world. So if we are controlled by fears in our actions, this often shows itself in "impurities" of the skin. Not feeling well in your skin. Gold as a color helps to deal with old, deep-seated fears and to get to the root of them. This color can help promote self-confidence and harmonize deficiencies in self-esteem.

Some people reject this color in order not to stand out. This is often connected with experiences from early childhood, with "programming" and "regimentation".

Energetically speaking, this color can be supportive in the following situations:

>• when I am prone to depression
>• with a lack of self-esteem
>• for more courage and assertiveness
>• because I have the feeling of being a failure
>• to connect with my inner wisdom

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