from exhaustion ... to a source of strength

Olive is the flower for the exhausted fighter. This Bach flower essence should be considered in cases of physical exhaustion. Physical exhaustion manifests itself in symptoms such as extreme tiredness, from which one can no longer get up, even with the most interesting stimuli. The person who needs Olive can no longer get up for anything. Body, mind and soul are totally exhausted. These people need a lot of sleep, everything is too much for them.

This state of exhaustion occurs after phases of prolonged physical or mental overload; after exhausting work, such as the self-sacrificing care of a sick person; after periods of strong psychological stress or inner struggles and after long periods of physical illness. With the Bach flower essence Olive, these people regain their strength and vitality.

People who frequently find themselves in a state of extreme physical exhaustion should take this Bach flower over a longer period of time. Olive will help these people to listen more to their inner guidance and to recognize what they need for their healthy development.

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