Plants and animals are highly sensitive to electrosmog. Veterinary medicine has already registered various new clinical pictures in this context. In the mid-1990s, for example, gamekeepers and foresters in the Swiss mountains discovered that many chamois and ibexes were strangely suffering from herpes and then dying of pneumonia. The cause of this sudden death was feverishly sought.

Until it was discovered by chance that these symptoms appeared after mobile phone antennas were installed in the mountains so that skiers could also use this service on the slopes.

If bee colonies are moved close to high-voltage power lines, the industrious bees clearly react against their usual instincts. They become aggressive for no apparent reason and turn their stingers on each other. The last survivors even attack and kill their own queen.

I expressly emphasize that I do not want to stir up negative opinions about mobile communications ... but I would like to emphatically point out that "I" have the appropriate technology to repolarize the radiation signals from mobile phone antennas with tachyon energy. For the operators, who rake in billions in profits every year, equipping existing mobile phone antennas with suitable tachyon know-how would be a piece of cake. The results would benefit thousands of people as well as flora and fauna.

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