I owe this feedback to a doctor, or rather one of his patients, whose knee operation was associated with unpleasant consequences.

As his treating doctor also uses kinesiology to test for energy blockages (and has been doing so since the mid-1970s), the patient was advised to protect himself from electrosmog and at least get a GOLD*CHIP for his smartphone.

When his patient surfed our website out of sheer curiosity, he quickly came across the topic of "water vitalization". As his wife has owned several flower stores for over 30 years, he thought that it would certainly not do any harm to equip the individual stores with an Aquaflow belt.

We were quite surprised by the "landlord's" statement.

"As I often help my wife out in my spare time, and have done so for many years, we both have to apply cream to our hands every evening and every morning to regenerate the skin, as it is badly affected by the frequent contact with the water and the pesticides, some of which adhere to the flowers.

About two months after installing the Aquaflow tapes and the other two products, we were amazed to discover that we no longer need to apply cream to our hands!"

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As experience has shown that the vitalizing and refreshing effect of the AQUAJET lasts for over 20 years, you (and your family) can benefit from refreshing and revitalized water for many years to come. I offer you a 10-year functional guarantee: from the date of purchase. It is amortized in a short time!

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