In this section I present you 60 medicinal plants from Switzerland ... a super tasty recipe (Apple tea) ... as well as interesting information about zeolite and baking powder.

In the middle part I give some information about runes and the geometry connected with them ... as well as excerpts from the book "Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East" written by Baird T. Spalding.

This chapter will conclude with information on two everyday foods that are more likely to be mutated into non-foods through refining.

Oops, before I forget, at the very end I go into a bit about the wonderful properties of Himalayan salt and how to use it.

PS: And yes, I just can't leave it alone ... I have published an additional section: some info about television and subliminal information ...

>• Medicinal plants from Switzerland

>• Apple tea
>• Magnesium chloride
>• Zeolite / Clinoptilolite
>• Baking powder

>• Runes
>• Far East wisdom

>• Salt & Iodine
>• Sugar

>• Television ...

>• Subliminal messages

Enjoy reading and using the recipes ;-)