Keywords for the FOOD*CARD

Orange promotes the joy of life and letting go.
Digestive problems, fatigue and listlessness, weight problems.
This color is associated with the sacral chakra, the seat of shocks and fears.

The FOOD*CARD vitalizes food and beverages. It can be placed directly under the plate during the meal. If the FOOD*CARD is placed under a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, these drinks will lose acidity. Try it; you will be amazed.

Water vitalization

To revitalize water, place the FOOD*CARD under a glass or a carafe of fresh water. If desired, you can leave the Energy Card under the carafe during the day (and overnight) and refill it with fresh water from time to time. Especially persons who dine out very often appreciate the efficacy of the little “orange helper”. Handy advice: do not forget to put it back into your wallet after dinner ;-)

It is not without reason that the color orange is assigned to the digestive organs in Indian medicine. In this region of the body there are, among other things, the large and small intestine and the kidneys. The color orange stimulates movement, independence, self-confidence and frees from fears, frustration and conditioning. It helps to digest better (food and emotions) and is extremely helpful in case of depression (whether seasonal or not).

* * *

Nowadays, food is stored almost exclusively in refrigerators and freezers. Since electrosmog is formed in such devices, the biological quality of the products suffers both in the specialist store and at home.

For the vitalization of food stored in the refrigerator, we offer the FOOD*CARD Midi: this Energy Card can be placed directly in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. The tachyon field is strong enough to vitalize even the contents of large freezers.

Another effect often noticed by customers is that the food has a longer shelf life. Messages such as: "The parsley that we kept in the fridge in a glass of water has continued to grow!" made small headlines again and again in the early years of our activities.

Needless to say, it is significantly healthier to consume invigorated foods and beverages. Enjoy your meal and let yourself be surprised by the effectiveness of our small "fresh and magic" Energy Card ;-)

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