Wow, wow, wow and hi you "old pig" (our way of greeting each other...from our old Toga-days)

I applied the info you shared on November 10, 2019 via Faisbuuk...specifically the 520 741 sequence (put under a glass of water). You can't imagine my face when I found out yesterday morning (November 13, 2019) that 3,066,- Swiss Francs had slipped into my account without me realizing it. The AVH paid me this amount. Great! In all likelihood, I had overpaid in the last two years, or I was misjudged!

Thanks for sharing your experiences with me...

See you later... #14

* * *

Testimonial (December 14, 2019)

As I do from time to time, I went to visit Mr. Dozio at Le Papillon Bleu. There were, on the walls of the store, series of numbers. Intrigued I asked him what they were. We discussed a little and I returned home with some experiments to do, as always! I placed a glass of water on a paper marked "520 741 - unexpected money". A glass of water that I drank regularly. I wrote these numbers on my hand, like a tattoo! I carefully repeated the series of numbers a few times while visualizing them, while walking or when I saw "my tattoo".

Two or three weeks later, my ex-partner and father of our little girls, gives me CHF 500 in cash and says: "I want to pay you between 500 and 600 francs a month"!

Indeed, we separated a short time ago. We decided by mutual agreement to share custody of our children: "50-50" as they say!

We had not yet settled all the details formally, but as we were both equally committed to the care of our daughters, I thought that there would be no financial exchange, no "pension" or other financial contribution to me! And yet! What a surprise!

Thanks !

Gratitude for life. Gratitude for those people on our path who enlighten us!

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