from the urge for order ... to inner order

People who take Crab Apple love cleanliness and order. However, their need for cleanliness is not just about external things. Just as they immediately discover and remove any dirt from their clothes or living space, they also reject the pollution of their soul by bad feelings or intentions. Their clothes are spotless, their home shines with cleanliness and their body is well-groomed.

These are all positive qualities, you might think. But there is one thing missing in people who have subjected their lives to absolute, even compulsive cleanliness. They are alienated from life. Dirt is part of life. Watch children trudging happily through puddles of rain, dogs rolling around in the mud. If we are honest with ourselves, a successful trip to the toilet is also something pleasurable.

There is no doubt that cleanliness is justified and helps us to live healthily. This energy only becomes negative when we obsessively try to avoid any dirt in our lives. People who are irritated by every little thing, who work with pedantic precision, who suffer from a strong need to clean, a compulsion to wash or clean, need Crab Apple.

As Crab Apple is the cleansing flower, Crab Apple should also be considered for all skin impurities. The flower also helps people who are afraid of infection, bacteria, unclean toilets, spoiled food or the wrong medication. Some people also have difficulties with the "earthy and physical" such as sexuality, kissing, breastfeeding etc.

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