The number 5 symbolizes the planet Mercury. The "fives" are recruited from those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of each month. They are extremely versatile, agile, usually intelligent, born merchants and sometimes speculators who can be as interested in banking and the stock exchange as they are in gambling.

Impulsiveness, liveliness, quick-wittedness and quick comprehension and usually innate knowledge of human nature characterize the "Fives" in a good sense. Negative characteristics that need to be overcome are a lack of stamina, easy irritability and quick temper. At the same time, the "Fives" make friends with almost everyone, as long as they like them a little. The tendency to sociability of this group of people is very pronounced, and the generally prevailing great tolerance, interrupted only by whims, should be practiced wisely in that the "Fives" must learn to better select the type of people with whom they associate and whom they associate, precisely because of their good knowledge of human nature.

All of these characteristics are more pronounced when a "five" is born in the time periods from May 23 to June 23 and from August 23 to September 23. Special projects with an increased chance of success are also carried out on a day assigned to the number 5, whereby the two periods mentioned are particularly favorable.

Wednesday and Friday are the two so-called lucky days for the "fives", which gain outstanding significance if they fall on one of the days that are favored by the number 5 anyway.

Promotional colors

The lucky colors for people in this group are light gray shades, light yellow and light orange nuances as well as white and glittery shades. But just as the "fives" can make friends with many people of all other groups, they can also love almost all colors, even in sophisticated combinations. However, the focus is on light shades, while very dark colors should be avoided.

Lucky stones

The "royal" stone, the diamond, is particularly suitable as a lucky stone, also in its cut as a brilliant. Furthermore, all shimmering and glittering pieces of jewelry are to be preferred and worn. Silver and platinum are considered particularly favorable precious metals for the "fives".

Famous personalities

Konrad Adenauer, Maria Schell, Albert Schweitzer, G.F. Händel, Erich Kästner, Albert Einstein, Wernher von Braun, Herbert von Karajan, Max Planck, Sören Kierkegaard, Karl Marx, Jean Cocteau, Haile Selassie, Guy de Maupassant, Theodor Storm, Emperor Augustus (1.Emperor of Rome), Pablo Picasso, HH XIV Dalai Lama, Pandit Nehru, Nostradamus, Akihito - Crown Prince of Japan

Health-related predispositions

Those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of the month are often prone to mental overstrain and nervous disorders. Partial paralysis and convulsions are also relatively common. You should therefore rest mentally and physically as regularly as possible. Healthy sleep often works wonders here too.

Specific medicinal plants

Oats (in the form of bread or groats), hazelnuts, carrots, marjoram, parsley, good edible mushrooms (especially button mushrooms), thyme, walnuts.

Astrological assignment

Mercury is the planet of the mind and communication. It is associated with logical thinking and the ability to learn. Language, the learning of languages and our ability to express ourselves linguistically are related to Mercury, and since messages are always related to the environment, Mercury also has to do with sensory perceptions, i.e. with the processing of the feedback that tells us how our messages are received. On a physical level, Mercury has its counterpart in the nervous system, among other things, but also in the respiratory organs, which handle the exchange of air and provide the air for speech.

In addition to the more outward-looking sign of Gemini, Mercury also rules Virgo. This is where the analysis is located and the exchange often takes the form of an inner dialog or an argument with the written as opposed to the (Mercurial) spoken word. As soon as it is a question of classifying and evaluating the exchange of ideas in a world view, a further instance must be added. This is where Jupiter, the ruler of the opposite sign of Sagittarius, comes in. Correspondences of the planet Mercury are the sign Gemini and the 3rd house as well as the sign Virgo and the 6th house.

Tarot * The Hierophant
Education, belief system, conformism, conformity

The hierophant is depicted with his right hand raised, pointing two fingers towards the sky, which can be esoterically understood as a blessing. He is therefore the true "pope" who builds the bridge between divinity and humanity.

He sits on a throne between two pillars which symbolize law and justice. He wears the three-pointed crown and at his feet are the keys to the gates of heaven. As a priest who interprets the sacred mysteries (Eleusis), he is usually regarded as the spiritual counterpart to the earthly ruler.

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