With the GOLD*CHIP Médaillon, I have been offering a tachyon pendant since summer 2015, which is an important component for today.

The impetus for the realization of this pendant is primarily based on many requests from my primarily female clientele, who have had very good experiences with the GOLD*CHIP. The GOLD*CHIP Médaillon meets this wish perfectly: it offers reliable protection against electrosmog, which is now practically omnipresent everywhere. Many people are still unaware that the main cause of stress has to do with the modernization of work equipment.

A little question for "old-timers": Do you still remember your typewriter and corded telephones? No laser printers! No WiFi! No tangled cables! No smartphones! No remote controls for this and that!

Since the 1990s, the air in offices has been saturated with electrosmog and negatively polarized ions due to the large number of technical devices. The effects on our organism have many facets: stress, fatigue, nervousness, depression, sleep problems, etc. etc.

The GOLD*CHIP Médaillon.
Not just for people who do a lot of screen work!

Apart from the fact that the GOLD*CHIP medallion provides effective protection against electrosmog, it also has other highly beneficial properties that can be easily checked and confirmed by kinesiological and radiesthetic tests: All people who "tested" this pendant for the first time stated that they had the feeling of being immediately grounded and that a feeling of relaxation and expansiveness arose in the region of the chest. They also noted that they immediately felt much more energy.

That was in 2015 and today (I am writing these lines at the beginning of 2024) nothing has changed in this respect. Fortunately ;-)

Further properties / production

As this pendant is made of 24-carat gold-plated brass and is embedded in pure silicon, it can be considered to have calming and grounding properties from a homeopathic perspective. The precious metal gold, with its unique atomic structure and enormous electrical potential, influences both the electrical and electromagnetic properties of every cell in the body. In tachyonized form, gold can repolarize electrical fields in a short time.

Gold has a number of spectacular properties that make it stand out from the extensive list of natural remedies. Colloidal gold works at the cellular level. Gold colloids intensify the transmission of information between cells and thus stimulate the body's repair and regeneration systems. The increased transmission of stimuli also takes place in the brain, as the tiny tachyon particles can help to overcome the blood-brain barrier and thus significantly improve thought processes, the ability to concentrate, motor skills, dexterity and the perception of time.

Burn-out ?

As already mentioned, it seems that most people are still unaware that the cause of this problem is strongly linked to the modernization of work equipment. Since the 1990s, the air in modern office buildings has been saturated with electrosmog and positively polarized ions caused by the large number of technical devices.

Here is a brief description of the effects of this chemical-electrical stress on our organism:

>• Sleep disorders
>• Tendency to nervousness, depression
>• Fatigue, even after prolonged sleep
>• Cancer, rheumatism, arthritis, tumors
>• Allergies, skin problems, susceptibility to infections
>• Pain in limbs and joints, muscle cramps
>• Lack of concentration, frequent headaches

Have I aroused your interest? Good.

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