Just one deciliter of wine eliminates almost half of a lovingly provided glass of magnesium chloride in the body. An alcoholic cannot consume as much magnesium chloride as is necessary to protect himself from degenerated cells.


Nicotine is a magnesium killer. Smokers usually don't know what kind of drama is going on in their bodies.


Perhaps the number one evil of our modern society. Stress in the office, in traffic, in the family. Every stressful situation consumes additional magnesium.

Other causes of magnesium loss:

>• bulimia
>• any diet
>• taking antibiotics
>• the intake of psychotropic drugs
>• fever over a longer period of time
>• illnesses, especially inflammations
>• taking medication such as cortisone
>• pregnancy, especially if vomiting is involved
>• operations (especially those involving anesthesia)
>• when taking hormones of any kind (this also applies to the contraceptive pill)

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