Keywords for the VITA*CARD

Sleep disorders, hyperactivity, black thoughts, migraine, hormone disorders, nerve pain, hopelessness, over-stimulation of all kinds, dark forces
stress, mental overload

This small energy card has been proving its worth since 1997 and continues to amaze with its potential, which many people describe as totally surprising. First of all, the VITA*CARD supports everything that has to do with transformation.

The amethyst, whose name, by the way, comes from ancient Greece and means "not-drunk" (a-methystos), has similar characteristics as the VITA*CARD.

The sobering, clarifying effect of amethyst was also known in the Middle Ages. Hildegard von Bingen recommended this semi-precious stone especially for skin diseases and swellings. Furthermore, the amethyst helps with nervous digestive problems, menstrual problems and hot flushes, fever, watery eyes, warts, acne, rashes, psoriasis, weak connective tissue, tension and headaches.

Water revitalization:

To revive water, the VITA*CARD is placed under a glass or carafe of fresh water. If you wish, you can leave the Energy Card under the carafe during the day (and overnight) and refill it with fresh water from time to time.

Based on all the feed backs, reaching us since 1996, we can acknowledge the following virtues:

>• promotes self-healing processes
>• helpful in case of respiratory diseases
>• pain-relieving and stress-relieving
>• in case of injuries, contusions and swellings

Another application might be interesting for people suffering from sleep disorders. For more than 20 years we get raving feedback from people who, thanks to the small VITA*CARD, have a nice, peaceful and a comfortable sleep.

To do so, just place this card under your pillow ... or if you tend to roll back and forth in your sleep, place the card at head height between the slat frame and the mattress. Stick it with a scotch on the slat frame, so it won't slip ;-) Sweet dreams!

In many cases, which were personally examined, we found that bone fractures grow together significantly faster. The VITA*CARD is occasionally placed on the plaster cast or directly between e.g. forearm and plaster. In practically all cases the plaster cast could be removed after three weeks, although an average of five to seven weeks "wearing time" was predicted.

Extremely interesting in case of migraine and stress-related tensions. To do this, place the VITA*CARD on the painful area.

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