The waterproof tachyonized Rainbow Light-Beamer has four bright, individual LED light sources (red, green, blue, white). The zoom function allows both large and small area treatments.

The rechargeable Li-Ion battery (5000 mAh, 3.6V) can be charged with the supplied cable (USB 2.0 to USB-C). Plug it directly into the Rainbow Light-Beamer and connect it to a charging source (PC, laptop, cell phone charger, etc.).

The battery has overcharge protection. The charging time is approx. 6 to 7 hours.

Operating time: approx. 7 to 9 hours
Length: 160 to 175mm (extendable)
Width: 41mm
Weight: 240gr

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>• Theory of colors

>• Red * Muladhara-Chakra
>• Green * Anahata-Chakra
>• Indigo blue * Ajna-Chakra
>• White

>• Use of the Rainbow Light-Beamer

>• Technology