from escaping reality ... to shaping reality

Clematis people are dreamy people. They imagine their future in their minds, indulge in their fantasies and daydreams, see the world through a filter and lose touch with reality. This attitude also results in a lack of interest and inattention. Clematis should also be considered in cases of persistent sleepiness.

Gamblers, alcohol and drug addicts also dream constantly of a better future, as do people who try to escape the frustrating reality of life through religious fanaticism or the dream of a better world.

Clematis helps all these people to rebuild a good relationship with reality. Clematis also helps with general inattention, drowsiness or a tendency to faint. As the tendency to faint and unconsciousness are among the areas of application of Clematis, this flower is a component of the Bach flower mixture "Emergency Drops".

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