from the discipline dogma ... to mindfulness

Rock Water is the only Bach Flower Remedy that is not made from flowers. This is spring water from healing springs.

Rock Water is for people with high moral standards. They do not allow themselves any pleasures or indulgence, as they believe that this is not compatible with their high principles. From work to food, everything is subject to these strict moral standards.

People who dogmatically follow a doctrine and completely forget to listen to their soul need Rock Water. Typical representatives of this direction can be, for example, followers of a religion or sect who behave dogmatically, strictly and intolerantly, prescribe themselves all kinds of exercises or meditations and sacrifice their entire life to the strict "pure" path.

For extreme followers of a diet or lifestyle who suppress all their body's desires (macrobiotics, absolute teetotalers, militant extreme athletes), Rock Water would also be the remedy for more cordiality, spontaneity and a little more joie de vivre.

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