Excellent in case of tiredness, headaches and stress!

Daily massages with the finger massage ring stabilize health, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, stimulate the meridians, activate organ functions and balance yin and yang in the body.Reflexology massage on the fingers is suitable for use in the rehabilitation and profiling of various disorders of the internal organs. This is possible because the reflex points of the fingers are related to all organs and systems of the human organism.

Application: Roll the ring up and down each finger of both hands several times from the fingertip to the base of the finger.Intuitively massage the fingers of your choice once or twice a day for between five and ten minutes; your hands will feel light and energized afterwards. Without any side effects, using the massage ring stimulates your body's self-healing powers holistically.

Playfully try out what suits you best and enjoy the stimulation. I recommend massaging all your fingers as a first step. For example, you can start with the little finger on the left hand until you reach the thumb ... then continue with the thumb on the right hand and finish the massage with the little finger.Depending on your mood, you can also apply a little pressure ... or not. You will soon notice that regular finger massages trigger a special feeling. Let yourself be surprised!

In addition to their unusual design, these rings are a functional acupuncture device that keeps your fingers fit and flexible. Especially if you have to work a lot with your hands and fingers at work (PC work, housework, playing the piano, gardening, etc...), a massage with these rings is highly recommended because it activates the blood circulation and relaxes the fingers.

The set includes 2 ribbed rings (Yin silver-colored, Yang gold-colored), made of stainless steel - ⌀ 28mm

Below I describe the assignment of the meridians and what massaging the individual fingers can do.


Skin, stomach and spleen. Massaging the thumb promotes the absorption and digestion of food. This meridian is also associated with the processing of external impressions and experiences. Stimulating this finger promotes confidence and calms the nerves.

The thumb is assigned to the element fire. Meridian assignment: The lung meridian flows through this finger. It has the task of processing the respiration coming from the lungs, mobilizing the body's own defences and protecting the skin and body against dryness, wind or heat. Functional disorders manifest themselves in breathing difficulties, asthma, bronchitis, coughing, excessive yawning, difficult oxygen supply, smoking, skin problems, bad hair, bleeding gums, melancholy and depression.

Index finger

Bladder, muscles, kidneys, energy, blood and water circulation. Massaging the index finger promotes the themes of "getting into the flow" and "letting go". The processing of shock experiences and blockages such as paralysis are assigned to this meridian. Stimulating this finger promotes mental and energetic flexibility and relaxation.

The element air is assigned to the index finger. Meridian assignment: The large intestine meridian flows through this finger. It has the task of excreting and releasing; a drain for dirt. Functional disorders manifest themselves in bad breath, digestive problems, constipation, flatulence, weak memory, holding on to old things (even feces!) or stagnation.

Middle finger

Blood formation, detoxification, gall bladder, liver. Massaging the index finger can help to optimally convert the nutrients absorbed. On an energetic level, stimulating this meridian harmonizes the emotions and can transform anger into compassion.

The element Akasha is assigned to the middle finger. Meridian assignment: The blood-circulation-sexus meridian flows through this finger. Its function is to protect the heart against heat and to control the circulation, regulatory circuit, coronary vessels and blood vessels. Dysfunctions are manifested in high blood pressure (hypertension), circulation, sexuality, prostate and bloodstream infections.

Ring finger

Respiratory system, large intestine, deeper skin layers, lungs. Massaging the index finger provides vitality and energy. On an energetic level, stimulation of this meridian promotes the rhythm of life and can transform feelings such as sadness and grief and provide comfort. The theme of "letting go" can also be positively activated.

The element earth is assigned to the ring finger. Meridian assignment: The triple warmer (thyroid meridian) flows through this finger. Its function is to ensure respiration, nourishment and fluidity and to regulate body temperature. Functional disorders manifest themselves in infections, loss of libido, spinal problems in the neck area, mouth, nose and eye infections, colds, dry mouth and a feeling of tension in the teeth.

Little finger

Small intestine, heart and bone structure. On an energetic level, stimulating this meridian promotes intuition, inspiration and inner wisdom. Regular massage can therefore lead to less judgment of others and no longer having to pretend.

The element water is assigned to the little finger. Meridian assignment: The heart meridian flows through this finger. It has the task of pumping blood through veins, arteries and the whole body and is therefore responsible for good circulation. Functional disorders can be seen, for example, in stuttering or general difficulty speaking, dizziness, pain in the chest area, red eyes and even visual disturbances, dizziness, muscle cramps, tendon problems and hardening.

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