Based on the method developed by Masaru Emoto, we realize your soul star; absolutely unique ... worldwide!

All we need to create your personal water crystal soul star is a photo of you or your signature, which you write with a thick felt-tip pen on a small sheet of paper (approx. 8 x 8 cm). If you wish, you can scan your photo and/or signature and send it to us by e-mail.

To avoid any energy distortion, we only use steam-distilled water. This "water" is not able to produce crystalline forms or even hexagonal crystals on frozen drops.

1) We place a small vial of steam-distilled water on your signature (or on your photo) for a certain period of time. The water in the small vial is impregnated with your energy structure during the exposure time.

2) After a precisely defined reaction time, we carefully add one drop of this informed water to each of 22 clean Petri dishes using a pipette.

3) The Petri dishes are then frozen at -30° Celsius. During the freezing process, the drop of water contracts and forms a small tip, provided that the water is not contaminated. Incidentally, the special freezer is located in a geomantically interference-free zone!

4) After a precisely defined exposure time, the Petri dishes are taken out of the freezer, checked and photographed with a microscope in a specially cooled room (approx. -4° Celsius).

For information: Tiny crystalline structures can form on the small drop of water. These crystalline structures are significantly smaller than the water droplet! For this reason, the water crystals are made visible thanks to a 300x magnification.

5) We then meticulously select the most beautiful water crystal (for us) from the 22 samples. We save the photo, create a PDF photo document with your soul star ... and send you the photo as a JPEG file and the copyright certificate by e-mail. This means that you can then freely dispose of the photo.

>• Examples

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