The energy streams of the earth, which penetrate our body, move clockwise from bottom to top. The energy currents of the cosmos, in turn, penetrate us counterclockwise.

The symbiosis of these two movements represents the DNA strand. This biomolecule contains, among other things, the genes encoding ribonucleic acids and proteins, which are necessary for the biological development of an organism and the metabolism in the cell. The dynamics that characterize the DNA strand can be found everywhere in nature; whether here on earth or outside, in the cosmos.

Latest research results in bio-physics show that these spins strongly influence biological organisms.

>• Muladhara-Chakra (Root - Chakra)
>• Svadhisthana-Chakra (Sacral - Chakra)
>• Manipura-Chakra (Solarplexus - Chakra)
>• Anahata-Chakra (Heart - Chakra)
>• Vishuddha-Chakra (Throat - Chakra)
>• Ajna-Chakra(Third Eye -Chakra)
>• Sahasrara-Chakra (Crown - Chakra)

>• Energy system of the chakras
>• Alignment of the chakras
>• Chakras and DNA