Vicky Wall created the Color Essences at the beginning of her career. These essences help to support the user's aura. In addition to the color energies, each color essence contains a tree, plant, crystal and mineral essence.

In order to determine the respective mixtures, Wicky Vall has applied the science of the theory of signatures. The doctrine of signatures is based on the assumption that nature (or God in his creation) gives indications through form and color as to which plant can be used as a healing plant for which illness

It is interesting to note that the colors of these essences can be made visible through Kirlian photography.

Would you like to play a little game?

A game that works relatively well ? A game that allows you to intuitively choose the most optimal color essence for your well-being ? Ready ?

OK ! I ask you to concentrate and internalize the following sentence: " I now intuitively choose the most optimal Colour Essence for my well-being ... even if I don't know it ! "

Then I ask you to intuitively click on the bottle that has caught your attention. After clicking, you will automatically be redirected to my web store where the selected essence is described in detail.

You can use the Color Essences to tune in before meditations, for example, or simply to become more aware of everything that surrounds you. These wonderful essences help you to become more environmentally aware and to find easier access to the kingdom of nature.


A few drops can be rubbed onto the inside of the wrists, the temples, the neck and/or the throat and/or behind the ears, the stomach and/or around the ankles.

The essences are bottled in Miron violet glass (30ml) and are therefore protected from unwanted light.

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