Namasté ... and welcome !

I am happy to welcome you on my homepage and invite you to a journey; a little adventure that may remind you of the life of a butterfly: Curious and full of desire to devour knowledge, the caterpillar sets out on a long journey ... with ups and downs ... sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied.

And when it feels that it has gathered enough information and impressions, the time is ripe to prepare for the next stage of its life. You could say that it is time to hibernate, as bears have done since time immemorial. Time to process the collected impressions in order to dedicate themselves to new tasks.

Well, ... and then, after the wonderful metamorphosis, it can look at the world from a different perspective as a butterfly. If life before the metamorphosis was destined to explore the ground, it is now possible for her to explore the element of air; without losing the ground of reality; because, after all, she feeds on the fruits of the earth.

Since a special day in January 1974 it is my turn ... because since this day I am interested in metaphysics for a good reason. I may therefore say that for quite some time I have been allowed to deal with things that fascinate me and that accompany me during my metamorphosis. On my parcours I was allowed to get to know many interesting products and techniques until today, which enabled me to recognize why and why I am here (in any case I think it).

In my small shop in the old town of Vevey, located on the idyllic lakeside promenade of Lake Geneva, you will find an interesting selection of high quality products. In a sunny and flooded ambiance, I offer branded products for personal well-being: Aura-Soma, Tachyons, Bach Flowers, BioGenesis, exclusive sound chimes, products for water revitalization and for protection against electrosmog, Feng Shui gadgets, etc. etc.

If you are a little curious (which I hope you are), you can take a virtual tour of my little boutique by clicking on this link. PS: You can pay your purchases comfortably and safely with "magic" cards like PostCard, Maestro, Visa or MasterCard.

I wish you a wonderful day ... and I am looking forward to welcoming you in person ;-) Best regards, Marco-Raffaello

Oooops ... before I forget ...

... in the WEB-Shop section I invite you to play a little game ... a game that allows you to intuitively choose the most optimal product for your well-being ;-))