The physical body is composed of the following 5 elements:

Akasha * Fire * Water * Air * Earth

When these five elements are imbalanced with each other, the immune system is disturbed and diseases arise, which in turn can be treated with the help of mudras. When a finger (representing a particular element) is associated with another finger or body part, very specific physical reactions and the suffering associated with them can be treated.

It is actually unnecessary to point out that nowadays it is scientifically proven that mudras activate electromagnetic impulses in the body, just as we know it from acupuncture and acupressure.

Let's take a quick look at which fingers are assigned to which element:

Fire -
thumb (pollex)
Air - index finger (index)
Akasha -
middle finger (digitus medius)
Earth -
ring finger (digitus anularis)
Water -
little finger (digitus minimus)

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