The impetus for a Feng Shui consultation is primarily based on the desire to bring about a change in the current situation; be it failure, imbalance, stress, problems in the business or private sphere, disputes, general dissatisfaction, lack of clarity in relation to the future, reorientation, etc..

The goal of my Feng Shui consultations is to manifest in your private and, if you wish, in your business environment, a harmonious balance ... a place of strength, regeneration, tranquility ... a source of well-being.

Feng Shui measures enable the CHI (life and vital energy) to flow optimally in the rooms and in your own body. The harmonization of your living area helps to better health, more restful sleep and thus a more balanced life. If Feng Shui is practiced in your work environment, your performance, concentration and health will improve; your business success will increase.

For me personally, Feng Shui is the fusion of many aspects of knowledge and their implementation on man, nature and technology. That is why I consider the following two points as the most important in all my consultations: geobiological analysis of earth rays and harmonization of electrosmog.

If you think that it may be enough to move the furniture, hang nice pictures and brighten up the living and working area with a few splashes of color ... you are wrong. Such measures bring practically nothing ... if you sleep in a place characterized by earth rays. And all this is useless ... if you are "enveloped" by rays coming from your smartphone, from your TV, from your Wi-Fi router, from your WiFi, from your neighbor's WiFi ... and if you regularly feel crumpled in the morning after sleep.

I am convinced that the malaise of the majority of people is based on the fact that for a good 20 years practically everyone has had a constant companion, day and night: the good dear smartphone and its invisible companion: electrosmog.

As you surely know, electricity flows in our body cells, the cell membranes and in the cell outer walls. Sure, not strong current, but current. This current flow, even if it is still so "small", is exactly measurable with technical devices. So what happens is that electrosmog changes and depolarizes the electrical potential of the cells. It has also been clearly proven scientifically that this results in a very significant loss of vital biophotons in the cell.

Moreover, it has been known for many years that the spiral of the double helix in the cell can also be left- or right-turning! According to newest researches, exactly this left-handed rotation in the DNA (deoxyribon nucleic acid) was discovered in cancer! The double helix of the DNA should be a double-wound right-handed spiral, exactly as it is the case in the plant or animal kingdom.

Enough, enough. If you want to know a bit more about electrosmog, I have published detailed information at this link.

In order to protect yourself reliably from these invisible electromagnetic rays, I advise you to equip your smartphone with a GOLD*CHIP, to stick a GOLD*CHIP on your WLAN router and to harmonize the power circuit of your home and/or workplace with a SiTAC*CARD. These two products represent (for me personally) two of the most important products of my entire offer !

Who in earlier times thought, when looking at an iceberg, that its tip represented only a vague impression of the whole ? I search and -if everything goes well- find the "not visible": the "not felt", but existing potential, which lies dormant in every person and in every company and its environment. In this way I am able to present holistic solutions that help to feel better; on all levels at all times.

In my consultations I incorporate the following fields of knowledge, among others:

>• Astrology
>• bio-physics
>• radiesthesia
>• Geobiology
>• numerology
>• Color theory
>• natural sciences
>• far-eastern 5 elements teaching

Feng Shui analyses for living and working areas, business premises and properties: CHF 180,00 / h.

For the harmonization of geopathogenic (health-damaging) zones and electrosmog, I have been integrating BIOTAC LINE© tachyon products since 1995; in particular the PHAROS II: an absolutely extraordinary object that has been of great assistance to many people since its introduction almost 10 years ago.

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