from isolation ..... to togetherness

Water Violet people often appear aloof to those around them. These people radiate a noble, calm superiority. They walk their paths gracefully and often silently. Some people wish they had some of the noble traits of Water Violet people.

But Water Violet people also have their problems. Due to their usually strongly outwardly displayed sovereignty and superiority, they often feel isolated and do not belong. These people would like to step down from their inner pedestal, but they don't know how. The Water Violet person also does not want to burden anyone with their worries and does not tolerate people interfering in their affairs. These people prefer to withdraw into their homes. They rarely cry and always try to keep their composure.

The Bach flower essence Water Violet helps these isolated people to approach their fellow human beings a little more impartially and to get through emotionally colored arguments more easily.

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