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Awakening and applying your own willpower

As is so often the case in life, in my opinion, the realization of ideas fails due to our own weakness of will. I can't say for sure why this is the case. Whatever the reasons may be that I am sometimes unable to turn my own projects into reality, it remains to be seen.

When I was meditating on this recently, I received an unexpected "visit"; a "little voice" told me at the end of January 2024 that I should concentrate now. I should have paper and pencil ready ... and let myself be guided. A few moments later, I had drawn the following symbol on a piece of paper:

Concentrated contemplation of this symbol could help (the little voice told me) to manifest projects. By consciously looking at this symbol, the personal will is awakened and the project to be manifested is impregnated with this very will. Cool ... I thought to myself. Let's go then!

How to use the HUNA*CARD

Choose a project in your mind that you would like to realize. Whether it's a new job that makes you happy ... or that you want to solve health problems ... or that you want a new apartment ... or, or, or ... the choice is yours.

If you are clear about the project, I ask you to draw the symbol that may remind you of the number 7 on a piece of paper. To do this, please take a ballpoint pen (with blue ink) or a blue colored or felt-tip pen, concentrate and trace the symbol with the pen as I have drawn it. Start at point 1 (the start) ... and end this ritual by drawing a dot under the symbol (this concludes the ritual). While tracing the symbol, think about the project to be manifested.

I recommend that you concentrate as well as possible while tracing the symbol and do not allow yourself to be distracted by external influences. Take your time !!! Below I present a few examples. While tracing the symbol, you can mentally say the following words:

"I have a great job that pays very well. The team and the boss are great. I'm happy to be able to do this job because it's really fun!"

"As far as my health is concerned, I'm getting better and better and better every day!"

"I'm so happy and grateful that money is coming to me from various sources in ever-increasing amounts, all the time!"

"Love is the most important thing in the world. Fortunately, I love money" ;-)

"I am so happy and grateful that I now have many lucrative sources of income all the time!"

Use this ritual (tracing the symbol) several times for the chosen project. By this I mean that you formulate the affirmation several times mentally (or verbally) and thereby trace the symbol ... until you "feel" that you have done enough repetitions. Well, which brings us back to the topic of self-confidence and intuition ;-)

Of course, you can perform this ritual several times a day for the same project ... and use it for other projects too. Just let yourself be guided and trust your inner voice. You can also imagine in your mind how you trace the symbol ;-)

Ritual with your thumbs

You can also take the HUNA*CARD in your left hand from time to time and place the thumb of this hand on the symbol. Afterwards you change hands, i.e. you now hold the HUNA*CARD in your right hand ... and place your right thumb on this ENERGY*CARD. While doing so, think of the project you want to realize.

Why the thumb? Because this finger -A- is associated with the element of fire ... and -B- promotes the absorption and digestion of "food". Stimulating this finger promotes confidence and calms the nerves.

Why first the left ... and then the right? Because the left hand has a connection to the past ... and the right hand has a connection to the future.

Promoting projects

You can also place the HUNA*CARD on (or in) a folder or on (or in) a dossier. This, of course, with the clear intention that this action will successfully initiate the project. Concentration !

Informing water

As you can see in the second picture, you can of course also place the HUNA*CARD under a glass of water (or a carafe). Let the effect surprise you. It could be that your willpower increases every day ;-)

... or under the pillow overnight ...
... or in your wallet ...
... or in the cell phone case ...
... or in the checkbook ...
... or, or, or ...

Feel free to be a little creative!

* Coincidence * Tarot * Aura-Soma *

After I had created several color variations for the color implementation of this ENERGY*CARD, I finally decided on the combination indigo blue / yellow.

After holding the first printout of this ENERGY*CARD in my hand, Equilibrium Essence No. 47 from Aura-Soma spontaneously came to mind.

The Old Soul, as this essence is called, helps to develop psychic powers and the ability to be inspired through meditation.

It connects the user with their "Higher Self". I have published detailed information about this Equilibrium oil under this link.

As far as the tarot is concerned, this essence has a direct connection to the "Four of Cups" card.

This card shows a young man sitting under a tree with his arms and legs crossed. With this blocked attitude, the dreary dreamer overlooks a very beautiful gift, as the chalice symbolically contains the chance of new happy feelings and emotional growth.

As some things have gone wrong in the past, he is foregoing beautiful future experiences.

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