Aura-Soma ... Colors that heal !

Aura-Soma is the name of a holistic therapy system that combines the health-promoting energies of colors, plants and crystals. Aura-Soma products represent a wide range of cosmetic-energetic products, the core of which are the Equilibrium oils, the Colour Essences, the Pomanders and the Quintessences. Aura-Soma products combine the knowledge of aromatherapy, color therapy, phytotherapy and the energies of precious and semi-precious stones.

The Equilibrium essences are applied directly to the skin as a self-massage. The emulsion is then absorbed by the skin and delivered to the lymphatic system, the circulatory system and through the blood to the various organs and endocrine glands, which act directly on our subtle bodies (chakras). Equilibrium essences influence our mental, physical and emotional well-being. They can help manifest an ideally balanced state ... raising personal consciousness and thus manifesting a sense of warmth and upliftment.

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Vicky Wall created the Color-Essences (colorless, alcoholic solution), which can help to support the aura of the user. In addition to the color energies, each color essence contains a tree, plant, crystal and a mineral essence. To determine the respective blends, Wicky Vall has applied the science of signature theory. The colors of the essences is visible, among other things, through Kirlian photography.

These essences help individuals to focus and can bring back harmony and balance. The Colour Essences help to better tune into the individual chakras during meditation. The Color Essences center and thus facilitate contact with Mother Earth; which in turn helps to ground our bodies and manifest our creative visions.

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The Pomanders, which are applied externally around the body, serve to protect the body and act - depending on the color - on certain body symptoms or body states. The pomanders are -like the quintessences- made from 49 medicinal plants. They provide support and protection for one's aura. The pomanders have an incomparable delicate fragrance and have a supporting and balancing effect in all life situations.

The colors and energies of our aura change depending on the mood and external conditions in which we find ourselves. The pomander influences this "aura mood" - it balances the aura and protects us from negative energies. Tension and stress can be greatly reduced. Pomanders are used by fanning them into the aura; this creates effective protection.

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Each Quintessence of Aura-Soma bears the name of an Ascended Master. The Ascended Masters help to spread the light on this planet and support and guide us. They are free divine beings who work without time and space. The Quintessences are great for meditation, to start (or end) the day, or just to connect with the energies of the Ascended Masters.

Thanks to the natural and alchemically composed ingredients, these essences can help solve physical or spiritual-emotional problems; they accompany us during the healing process and establish a direct connection with our inner divine core.

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In order to purify spaces and to allow more energy to flow into the personal environment, Aura-Soma has created an extremely luminous and interesting range of wonderful sprays. The Aura-Soma room sprays can be used as energetic air purifiers; they are designed to positively change the atmosphere of the rooms we are in. The Aura-Soma room sprays can be used in the living area, seminar rooms, treatment rooms and in the workplace.

How to choose the most optimal spray for this ritual ?

First think about what you want to achieve with this ritual: e.g. more harmony, more peace, more self-confidence, etc. etc.. Then intuitively click on one of the pictured sprays; you will then automatically be redirected to the WEB-Shop, where you can then read detailed information about the respective potential. You will find out: You will choose the "right" spray ;-)

For room cleansing, I recommend the following two-step ritual (perform once in the morning and once in the evening; for at least eight days):

Since most people have less time in the morning, I recommend you to use the chosen spray (every morning, for eight days), spraying in the outermost corners of the floor plan (clockwise) and finally in the middle of the floor plan once. If you live in a house, you should perform this ritual on all floors, including the basement and attic.

Let the spray work for about 5 minutes and then open all windows for a short time to let the transformed energies escape.

In the evening, when you have a little more time, use the same spray (again for 8 days), spraying once in all rooms in the outer corners (clockwise) and finally in the center of each room. Again, if you live in a house, I recommend that you perform this ritual on all floors, including the basement and attic.

Let the spray work for about 5 minutes and then open all windows for a short time to let the transformed energies escape.

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