Salt is essential for humans and animals !!!

We need the salt for our water balance and metabolism, but also so that muscles and nerves function. Our body cannot produce the salt itself, so we have to eat or drink it. Many diets advertise rapid weight loss by prescribing a completely salt-free diet. This is absolute nonsense, because the "success" of the diet is based on a lack of water. In fact, if our organism is permanently supplied with too little salt, acid is formed in some cells, which damages the DNA structure and can lead to further consequences.

Water and salt also play an important role in asthma and allergies. Both foods curb the release of the neurotransmitter histamine, which is blamed for most allergic reactions. Salt is a natural antihistamine and is needed in the lungs to keep the passages for air moist and to loosen mucus.

Why do you think salt was weighed with gold in all desert regions ?

Salt is still traded today, almost as it was a thousand years ago. However, you don't get gold for it anymore.