Geometry is to be found everywhere. Nature reveals geometric patterns to us, which are primarily manifested through flowers. Geometry has always fascinated people, as there is a lot of magic hidden in it. And since we are all curious, it is surprising that geometry has blossomed into a science that really has it all.

After all, geometry and magic have also found their way into incised drawings and runes. I think it may surprise some people that behind every rune there is a perfect geometric pattern. The sketch I have created here may give you a little insight. How did I come up with it? No idea ;-) Probably inspiration ... or something ;-)

In any case, I was surprised how the runes can be integrated so beautifully into the hexagram. It could be that in ancient times the runes were transmitted in perfect geometric form ... only to disappear again later in the darkness of time ... and later to be "rediscovered" by clairvoyant and clairsentient beings in the Akashic Field. Who knows? I don't, that much can be said.

Et voilà ! Who would have thought that ... there are really thousands of brainwashed people who think that runes are something really bad. Ts ts ts. But with a bit of imagination or nou-hau, man/woman can see quite quickly: this star can also be drawn, my dear child!

On the following pages, I will introduce you to the runic signs based on the oldest runic alphabet, the eighteen-letter FU-TH-O-R-K, in a little more detail. According to Franz Bardon, its cosmic and magical laws cannot be replaced by any other series of runes.

If the runes touch you deeply, I recommend the book "The Life of Franz Bardon" by Johannes H. von Hohenstätten.

In addition to a great deal of extremely interesting information about the life of Franz Bardon, you will find a short 30-page treatise on runes in this book.

>• 01 * FA
>• 02 * UR
>• 03 * THOR
>• 04 * OS
>• 05 * RIT
>• 06 * KA
>• 07 * HAGAL
>• 08 * NOT
>• 09 * IS
>• 10 * AR
>• 11 * SIG
>• 12 * TYR
>• 13 * BAR
>• 14 * LAF
>• 15 * MAN
>• 16 * YR
>• 17 * EH
>• 18 * GE