Since the beginning of our work, we have noticed that the acceptance of having created something special often fails due to mental blocks in our zeitgeist. It therefore seems very important to us to bring the information about our tachyon technology closer to a wide audience and to back it up with meaningful evidence.

We are pleased to admit that this task has been made possible thanks to the help of external research laboratories. All tests clearly prove the effectiveness of our BIOTAC Line© products.

Let's not forget that at the end of the 19th century, leading scientists claimed that a steam locomotive traveling faster than 30km/h would immediately implode (the opposite of explode).

It's just a shame that none of these "physics coriphs" are still alive and can personally experience what it's like to travel through Japan on the Shinkansen.

Five years after we created the first water revitalization product, the AQUAFLOW band, the time was ripe to back up the positive feedback from our customers with a scientific study. To this end, we contacted the German-based specialist laboratory Hagalis AG. In the years that followed, we also consulted other laboratories (including Masaru Emoto).

As you will see when you read through the analyses, there is clear evidence that our products are able to optimize the biological and chemical structure of normal tap water in an extremely remarkable way. The most astonishing analyses - for science - were carried out at a later date with distilled water, which normally NEVER crystallizes. If such water is revitalized with the tachyon products developed by us, wonderful water crystals are formed - contrary to the usual expectations.

Test winner

The evaluations of the large-scale study by the Hagalis AG research laboratory, in which over 300 water revitalization systems were tested over a period of nine years, showed that our AQUAFLOW system with the AQUIVATOR achieved the top marks in terms of quality / efficiency / price and economy!

>• Study year 2000: AQUAFLOW
>• Study year 2001: VITA SOMA
>• Study year 2002: AQUAFLOW
>• Study year 2003: AQUIVATOR
>• Study year 2004: VITA*CARD
>• Study year 2005: AQUAFLOW
>• Study year 2012: Energy Cards
>• Study year 2017: AQUA-Spin

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