Tachyon Spheres for the residential and commercial sector

To " boost " the energy of a room, apartment or business premises, one tachyonized silicon sphere is placed in each of the outer corners (see sketch below). These four spheres interact immediately after they have been placed and enliven the room with subtle tachyon energy. The radius of effect is not limited to the interior of the placement pattern, but extends beyond it; this means that adjacent rooms are also positively influenced by this placement pattern.

Harmonization of earth rays

The Curry grid and the Hartmann grid, two terms known to experienced radiesthesists for harmful interfering influences, are practically completely harmonized by the energetic tachyon field, so that people who stay (or sleep) in such a room are no longer so strongly affected by these radiation grids.

To increase the effect, a tachyonized crystalline silicon Half-Sphere can be glued to the ceiling in the center of the intersection. This arrangement has an advantage that should not be underestimated, as it creates an energy similar to that of a tepee: a small and pleasant oasis of well-being.

You can also place just one sphere on your bedside table: Its effective radius is approximately 3 meters.

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