Each Aura-Soma® Quintessence bears the name of an Ascended Master. The Ascended Masters help to spread the light on this planet and support and guide us. They are free divine beings who work timelessly and spacelessly. The Quintessences are excellent for meditation, to start (or end) the day or simply to connect with the energies of the Ascended Masters. Thanks to the natural and alchemically composed ingredients, these essences can help to solve physical or mental-spiritual problems; they accompany us during the healing process and establish a direct connection with our inner divine core.

The Quintessences contain extracts of plants, flowers, vegetables, the energies of colors, crystals, precious and semi-precious stones and selected essential oils. They contain a combination of 49 different natural ingredients. In order to preserve the extracts used, which are directly related to the seven main chakras, they are stored in an alcohol solution.

Would you like to play a little game?

A game that works relatively well ? A game that allows you to intuitively choose the most optimal color essence for your well-being ? Ready ?

OK ! I ask you to concentrate and internalize the following sentence: " I now intuitively choose the most optimal Quintessence for my well-being ... even if I don't know it ! "

Then I ask you to intuitively click on the bottle that has caught your attention. After clicking, you will automatically be redirected to my web store where the selected essence is described in detail.

You can use the Quintessence of your choice to tune in before meditation, for example, or simply to become more aware of everything that surrounds you.


Apply three drops to the left wrist and rub it gently against the other wrist until the essence has evaporated. Don't forget to smile ;-)

Then close your eyes and relax. Then gently fan the Quintessence into your aura without touching your body. Start at the feet, along the body (including the back) until you reach the head. You can imagine, for example, that you are holding a sponge in each hand and that these two sponges are soaked with the energy and color of the Quintessence. Visualize how your aura is gently tinged with this color. To complete the ritual, hold your wrists in front of your face and inhale the scent of the Quintessence three times.

Voilà! You will see : in a relatively short time, you will notice the effects of this "magical essence". You can use your Quintessence several times a day. The positive effects of this ritual last for about two to three hours. Please use only one Quintessence per day.

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