The Prana Mudra is a life-giving mudra; it energizes the entire organism and improves vitality. A "must" for all people who are nervous, tired and weak.

Gently touch the tips of the little finger and ring finger and bring them together on the tip of the thumb.

The ideal mudra for energizing, because the energy level skyrockets relatively quickly. It also regulates blood pressure (lowers the blood pressure of people who tend to have high blood pressure) and improves visual acuity.

It stimulates the base chakra and can be performed for 5 to 30 minutes a day or three times a day in case of health problems.

The Prana Mudra is extremely effective in treating eye problems. On an emotional level, it promotes stamina, self-confidence and gives courage. Please also practice this mudra with both hands.

This mudra is also ideal for "morning grouches", because it helps to wake up more harmoniously and lovingly embrace the new day ;-)

Interesting for people who tend to suppress inner anxiety, trepidation, worry and restlessness.

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